Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurship

CIE at Pinchot

Each of us has unique gifts, abilities. Entrepreneurship empowers us to think opportunistically about how to contribute these gifts and abilities to end poverty. CIE programs provide entrepreneurship and enterprise support that empowers people in low-wealth and underserved communities to build resilient, sustainable and equitably shared community wealth. Through entrepreneurship and enterprise, our clients are pursuing financial self-sufficiency and becoming leaders in “poverty-proof” community building.


CIE programs give priority to people with barriers to financial self-sufficiency and with limited access to mainstream entrepreneurship and enterprise support resources.

Focused on Fundamentals

Focusing on the fundamentals of business finance, marketing and management, CIE’s CommunityEnterprise™ offers simple and effective approaches to meet the large and growing need for business development training and support in underserved communities.


Working with its partners, CIE’s CommunityBuilders™ innovates systemic wealth building approaches in communities where small-scale entrepreneurship can make a real difference in people’s lives. These include community-based self-help banks, cooperatives, inclusive supply chain development, import-substitution strategies and social enterprise development.


CIE’s CommunityFutures™ provides a venue for bringing together communities and offers mission-aligned collaborative consulting, capacity building, project management, and collective impact backbone services to community-based agencies, organizations and initiatives. In addition, we work with our clients and their communities to co-create community-based research in collaboration with Pinchot faculty and students.

We invite you to support us as we empower individuals who, through enterprise, will build a future of resilient, sustainable, equitably shared community wealth.